The Magister is a philosopher poet 
A master of energetic transformation 
Who has transformed the life of all 
That have entered his space 
With simple perennial wisdom 
That revolutionises the way 
You see and live life 
There are no other words 
For the art of his alchemy 
The Art

To enter
A space of sensual simplicity
To arrive at a new place
Within your self

Transform your art
Through The Art
Sit with The Magister
To stand in your power

The Magister is a mystery
His presence is an enigma
But to those who know him
His wisdom is undeniable
Through an extraordinary presence
He changes lives
For many decades he has worked
Healing the mind and body
Of all who come

A master of healing
A warrior of the flesh and spirit
His poetic philosophy
Has opened the way
To a beautiful life of power
For all who have encountered
The lore of The Magister

A mentor to the successful
A guide to the powerful
An inspiration
To the masses

Amongst the corridors of the powerful
In the company of the beautiful
His name is whispered
In reverence and awe

He has now stepped
From the shadows of myth
To reveal to the world
The magic of life
The beauty of power

The Magister
Reveals the paths
That lay hidden
Within the ordinary
That lead
To the extraordinary

A master of the craft
That is
The Art of transformation
The beautiful life of power

For all who desire
To live
The great spirit
In all that they do

For all who aspire
To an abundant life
Gracefully lived
Beyond the shackles of fear
The time has come
To hear
The words
Of The Magister
For those who choose
To step ultimately
Into their power
The time has come
To enter
The Magistrum

Life will change
Great shifts will come
For those who see
His whispered words
For those that hear
The voice
Of his profound presence

A meeting with
The Magister
Is the beginning
Of a beautiful life
Lived with great power

The Magister provides
Through knowledge
With wisdom
Freely to the world
Upon his public pages
For the dedicated individual
To apply to their greater development

Yet for those who aspire
To greater mastery
In all areas of life
To transform mind and body
To find peace
Within a life of abundance
There is the opportunity
To become a member of
The Magistrum
Or for those sincere individuals
That require personal attention
And individually designed agreements
That will raise them from their present
State of being
Into one of power and beauty
There are positions available
For client mentorship

The healing of body and mind
The philosophy of power and beauty
That transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary
The transmission of ancient knowledge and perennial wisdom
That creates the abundance of being

The path of the members
Is one of the individual
The primal principle
Is the transmission of ancient craft
To activate a perennial art
One that awakens within
The absolute knowing
From a greater consciousness
The collective intelligence
That births individual genius
Yet serves the whole
Through connective fellowship

The organisation of
The Magistrum
Has at core a desire and duty
To fertilise and grow
The Inherent knowledge
Within humanity
Beyond dogmas and politics
To initiate the birth of power
Sovereign within the individual
Yet through the awakening
That is individual
A web of authentic connection
Grows internationally
Beyond the borders of the mind
To expand an established order
Of highly developed creative and
Benevolent artists of incarnation