The craft is practical application
Of The Lore
The Lore is an oral tradition
The essential esoteric transmissions
Are mnemonic
The notes are skeletal and poetic
Codes are employed
To open the subconscious
As in all perennial tradition
It is experiential

I begin the transformation
Of those that aspire
To the craft of great desire
That one day
They will know
As The Art
Firstly in the severity
That is simplicity

To begin
Is to be still
To come to know
The balance of your being

To slow down
And allow
The elaborations
That fear creates
To fall away

I will call
To stand before me
To in reduction
Expose to you
Who you are
To in revelation
What you are

To in revelation
Though application
Reveal to you
Your wealth
To deliver to you
Your Power

You are not
Who you think
You are

You are
What you are
In primal essence
Beyond illusions

For only in being
Stripped bare
Can you begin
Through purification
To be what you
Know that you are
A potent being
Living a successful

I have come
To deliver you
To your power
You have come
To accept it

The time has come
To step into
The Magistrum
To step into
Your power