To create a powerful life
You must choose
A focus of power
Then put
Your full attention to it

Many of my clients
Are creatives
In both commerce and art
Yet many put their attention
But to the creation of their life

The art is not only
Creation of the work of art
It is creation of the foundation
For the work to manifest

This means
The creation
Consciously and physically
Within the mind and body
To manifest in the world

The superficially successful
Know a formula to success
But still sabotage their life
Through constant fear
That robs them of peace
Creating an experience
Perceived as failure

The masterful
Know the energetic secret
To create the power
To in both mind and flesh
Manifest their creation
To be truly successful
In this incarnation

To know the secrets
That you have hidden from
The blind must be removed
From your eye
For you to see
That all you have pleaded for
Has arrived
In the form of an opportunity

All that is required
Is for you
To accept and receive
The opportunity
To come
Into your power

The Magistrum

As The Magistrum
Grows in Membership
I honour the individuals
Who step up
To make the sacrifice
To be all
That they can be
The Magistrum
Is a microcosm
That contains members
From all aspects of society
In all areas of life

The common thread
That binds the members
Is the foundational principle
“To do what must be done”

The binding purpose
Is to make all
An alchemy of transformation
For the benefit of all

The measure of success
Is not what you can get
Nor is it
What you have

It is
What you are

The experience of creation
In getting and spending
In the experience of gain and loss
Is to realise
The nature of exchange
The alchemy of all things

A successful incarnation
Is the transformation of being
To live in powerful peace
A beautiful life

To honour
The great purpose
Your action
Must be all pervading

Prestige seeks to impress
With the illusion of success
It is a pretentious dress
That hides deceit

Honour does
In the dark
What is done
In the light

Is known
In the truth
That is
Committed application

What you do
When no other can see
Is in completion
What you will be

Love the process
That is your formation
Through both
Creation and destruction

In this consciousness
You will always
Be successful
You will live
In peace and harmony
You will move
In grace and certainty
You will be
A master of your life
Through all
That is beautiful
In all that is powerful

Welcome to
The Magistrum