What is known
Is what is applied
Knowledge is realised
In the act of creation

What you do
Is what you know
It is known in flesh
Not in the mind

It is seen in being
Not in word
I hear you in your word
It tells me what you are
I know you in your action
It tells me who you are

To transform the flesh
Shift and correct the flesh
Within the eye
Through small daily action

To transform the mind
Shift and correct
The consciousness
Within the flesh
Through small daily thought

Know and be
To be set free
To transform all
Through the one
Is the art of alchemy
In mastery of the microcosm
To express the unspeakable
Is the alchemy of art

The mouth is silent
The spirit speaks
Its voice echoes
Through the flesh
I am great wealth
Full of treasure

There is
The Magistrum
A gold circle

The gold circle
Is a place
Of energetic investment
That yields
Both philosophic
And actual gold

Do what they love
Find their passion
Perfect their craft
Yet not all

What is the vital
To a complete
Life of success

To find out
The Magistrum