The unique quality of
All individuals
That step forward
To great progress in life
Is an ability
To be comfortable
Within the uncomfortable
To do
What must
Be done

They do
What others
Hesitate to do

That is the nature of
The Masterful

The opportunity that
Is offered to
Full time mentored clients
Is to in guided discipline
Through philosophic wisdom
Become to be
All that they are

To no longer strive
To be good
But simply
To be great

Through the mastery
That is physical transformation
In knowledge
The wisdom of the world
To live fully
Mind in body
Spirit in flesh
A life of beautiful power

The method adapts to the individual
But the principle is correction of the thought process
Through logical inner dialogue
That develops a cooperative relationship between the logical and intuitive
The process is the same as physical training
It has foundational structures and individual adaptations
It is a unification of the mind and body
Through the will
By disciplining
The origin of thought and feeling
To become master of your inner voice
To no longer be ruled by your inner voice
To master your life
To live the life of beautiful power

The perennial philosophy
Of the lore
Is actualised through life itself

Relationships of all kinds
Are the greatest teachers
Through the mirror
Through the shadow

The Alchemy of exchange
Is the art of energetic work
Through the practice of business

The alchemy of exchange
Is the practical philosophy
Of relationship and trade
A practice of harmonious success

The art of holistic commerce
In which all grow
In knowledge and wisdom
Through luxury
To ultimate wealth for all

It is the art
Of personal and communal transformation
Through the exchange
Of product, resource, service and energy

Building the wealth of the living moment
To develop and master your attention
In the fulfilment of your ultimate intent
To create a life of powerful peace
Through the experience
That is abundant beauty

A private consultation
The focus is
The delivery of primal principles
The knowledge of energetic reality
To enable
The application of principles
For the expansion of the life’s work
It is
To conquer your fears
To rule your own mind
To do
What must be done

Those who enter
The Magistrum
Learn the discipline
That is attention

As they are taken through
An hour of relaxed
Yet deeply delivered knowledge
They learn
To listen

To follow instruction
Is the foundation of initiation
And attention is only equal
To the love of wisdom

Is Receptive Will
That grows its ability
To focus and receive
To develop its power

Learning to focus
What it has received
In acts of power
Through Creative Will
To apply
The Will
To create
A successful result
In all that is done

Primal perception
With sophistication

This is the way
The Magistrum

Power is simple
Available to all
Beauty is natural
Inherent in all
Open the door
To infinite potential

Know your eternity

The Magistrum